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California Announces New Student Volunteer Program

How would you like to earn a $10,000 education grant to put toward your college tuition?
The new Californians for All College Corps Volunteer Program is planning to make that a possibility for thousands of college students in the state.

What is the California For All College Corps Volunteer Program?

The new Californians For All College Corps Volunteer Program, which partners with 45 college and university campuses in California, aims to help lower student debt. College Corps Fellows, or students who participate, will volunteer 450 hours per year. After that, they will be eligible for $10,000 to cover school and other expenses. Select UC, Cal State, and private schools offer the program. 

Benefits of the California For All College Corps Program

Working a part-time job in college is hard work and doesn’t always result in enough pay to make a dent in student loans. However, this new volunteer program will offer students the equivalent of about $24 per volunteer hour. That’s a lot better than many part-time gigs. Plus, students can lend their talents and inspiration to solving real-world problems.

The College Corps volunteer experience also aims to help students learn more about potential careers of interest. Above all, making an impact on the community. The volunteers will work continuously with one organization throughout the year. This will give them the chance to gain deeper knowledge. Furthermore, partner organizations will provide training and support to students, helping them develop new skills. 

In addition to gaining professional experience and leadership skills, students will build a network of support among their colleagues. They may also gain the opportunity to make a meaningful impact in their college community.

Although limited in size now, the program may grow. Governor Newsom signaled that his eyes are on the future. He stated “…if this thing works, we can go back to the legislature, take it to another level.” This statement suggests that even more students may have the chance to pay for school by volunteering in years to come.

How to Apply to the California For All College Corps Volunteer Program

Students who are interested in the volunteer program must be enrolled at one of the partner universities or colleges. The upcoming school year starting in August 2022 will be its first year of operation. According to official channels, an application should be available in March 2022. At that time, interested students will be able to apply to the program and plan their volunteer hours. In the first year, a total of 6,500 students will be chosen.

Upon speaking with a representative of the University of California, Irvine, the program will be made available to currently enrolled students in the first year.  College students enrolled in one of the other participating schools are encouraged to reach out to their Dean of Students administrator for more information. 

Volunteering Requirements of California For All College Corps Program

The volunteer program is currently focusing on areas including K-12 education, climate action, and food insecurity. These priorities are important to the communities in which the colleges and universities are located. Students will not only earn money to put toward tuition through meaningful service opportunities; they will also gain life and career experience. Students will work with partner community organizations to track their hours and create learning and career goals. 

Do you know a great organization that should participate as a community partner? Refer them here!

How VolunteerCrowd Can Help You as a College Corps Fellow

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California For All College Corps Volunteer Program: What’s Next?

For those interested in the volunteer program, it’s important to sign-up for updates and check the website periodically for more information. Then, once the applications are open, students can apply directly through their university or college. 

The California For All College Corps Program offers a promising model that will hopefully be followed in many states across the country. With programs like these, students can succeed financially, academically, and in their careers.

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