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Earn the President’s Volunteer Service Award (PVSA)

VolunteerCrowd is a Certifying Organization for the PVSA

When it comes to certifying organizations for the President’s Volunteer Service Award (PVSA), students have a range of options. But it’s tricky. Schools, especially private schools, will verify hours but often only for approved charities. Individual military branches, government agencies, civic, national service programs, or businesses may also certify but only for related charities or causes. VolunteerCrowd’s College and Career Advantage Program is different. We certify all hours for students in K-12 through college serving verified nonprofits or schools.

Combine School and Club Hours to Earn Higher Awards

When you add all of your school, church, Scouts, National Charity League, Assisteens, Key Club, college degree, sorority or fraternity hours, you may be amazed how much time you have volunteered in a year! VolunteerCrowd verifies hours for school, club, and individual volunteering from middle school through college. (See below: Does VolunteerCrowd Certify all Hours?) Our program’s award calendar begins January 1st through December 31st. Take a longer term view and build your transcript over several years. Show a future college admissions officer or employer how you are different by dedicating yourself to making a difference. (See video.)

Know PVSA Your Award Levels for Your Age

For VolunteerCrowd specifically, the student’s age on January 1st determines the number of hours a student has to volunteer for each award level. Example: If you turn 12 on February 2nd, and volunteer 76 hours that year, you qualify for the gold award because you were 11 on January 1st when the year began.

Kids (5-10 years old)26-49 hours50-74 hours75+ hours
Teens (11-15 years old)50-74 hours75-99 hours100+ hours
Young adults (16-25)100-174 hours175-249 hours250+ hours

How Does PVSA Certification Work?

Students who join the College and Career Advantage Program can use the VolunteerCrowd app to track service hours. See our post, How to Track Volunteer Hours. We send an automated email to the nonprofit organization contact listed for the project with a custom link to VolunteerCrowd’s hour’s verification form. Your connection will see all of the information you provided include dates, times, and how you made an impact. The nonprofit contact approves hours and has the option of endorsing the skills and strengths you demonstrated while volunteering. All endorsements appear on your service transcript, which you can send to colleges and universities along with your college app. (PRO TIP: Every time you volunteer, be sure to make a lasting impression with your volunteer coordinators!)

Does VolunteerCrowd Certify All Hours?

That depends on a few things. First, the volunteer coordinator must remember the student’s contribution, so don’t be shy. Introduce yourself, check-in during the project, and thank your contact for the opportunity. Next, your connection must be a representative of a verified nonprofit or school. What does that mean? Students cannot list a parent’s, sibling’s, friend’s (or their own!) name and email as the primary contact. The contact’s email should match the organization. (Good example: Questionable example: Listing accurate and valid contact information is the best way to get your hours approved. Otherwise, students risk not having volunteer hours approved. Contact us with any questions. Or, visit the official President’s Volunteer Service Award website.

Will VolunteerCrowd Verify Past Hours Completed

It depends how far back you volunteered and the guidelines we receive from Points of Light. VolunteerCrowd will certify hours for individuals with an active annual College and Career Advantage Plan. Trial periods are excluded. Plus, you need an active plan to order your official service transcript through Parchment for colleges, universities, and employment.

What about Verifying Virtual Volunteer Hours?

Online volunteering is popular due to Covid-19 but is not new. The same suggestions for in-person volunteering apply for confirming virtual hours: Ask your coordinator who is authorized to approve hours. Start with a friendly introduction and share a little about what attracted you to the cause. As you work, give regular updates on your productivity. (Example: If you are making makes, take a picture and email it and post it to social media tagging the nonprofit.) And always, always, provide accurate contact information when adding your hours in the VolunteerCrowd app.

Is There a Cost to Earn the PVSA?

By definition, the certifying organization that gives the President’s Volunteer Service Award must confirm students’ community service time that’s used to achieve the award.  Some programs that offer the award may charge for club or program fees. However, there is no cost for the PVSA physical award – the certificate, pin, medallion, or coin given to the student.  The certifying organization tracks, verifies, and reports hours to The Corporation for National Community Service.

Feel Good About Your Contribution

Earning a President’s Volunteer Service Award may seem like a big goal and something hard to achieve with school, sports, friends, family, and other activities. It shows dedication over time, which is a great character strength and can set you up nicely for community service scholarship. But if you find a cause you love or an organization that inspires you to make a difference, the hours will fly by. Involving your friends in something that inspires you is an opportunity to mix it up and make new memories. You’ll also discover that when you help others you can go far in life by learning, growing, and getting the recognition from colleges and future employers who appreciate your heart as well as your brain.

How Can Students Find Volunteer Opportunities?

VolunteerCrowd’s programs are available to students, parents, guidance counselors, and college consultants through the Covid-19 pandemic. We work with nonprofits throughout the US to find safe, socially-distant or virtual volunteer opportunities. Read our inaugural post: Student Volunteering in the Age of Coronavirus. Learn which nonprofits are supporting 55M students who are trying to learn remotely by reading Teen and College Virtual Volunteers Needed. Learn how to help isolated seniors with cards, calls, and supply drop-offs. Check back with us on the VolunteerCrowd blog or contact us if you have a specific question.

VolunteerCrowd finds academic-related volunteer opportunities to inspire students and helps them build a verified service transcript to inspire colleges and employers. Visit VolunteerCrowd or download the app.


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