How to Track Volunteer Hours

How to Track Volunteer Hours

Why Students Track Volunteer Hours

Let’s start with the basics first. When students volunteer, they typically serve their communities as part of a broader goal. Showing compassion by helping others is one of many reason you may serve your community. For example, many public and private high schools require students to volunteer for high school graduation. Most career and Technical Education (CTE) programs require internships, paid or unpaid. Extracurricular clubs like National Honor Society require community service hours for membership. Future pre-med students need both health volunteering and job shadowing hours. Tracking your volunteer hours is always a good idea. Chances are, someone will not only want you to show your hours, but provide proof as well.

The Difference Between Tracking and Verifying Hours

VolunteerCrowd looked at 84 public high schools in Orange County, CA to see how students track their volunteer hours. Of the 70 schools researched 26 required volunteer hours, ranging from 10 to 40 hours across four years, to graduate. An additional 26 schools had optional student community service programs. The students who served a recommended number of hours received special recognition at graduation time. Whether required or optional all 52 schools had one thing in common: using paper volunteer logs to track and verify hours. Paper logs are easy to lose, and forge, according to one district that discontinued mandatory volunteering after learning that students falsified service records. In the post-Varsity Blues era, a verified volunteer transcript helps corroborate hours reported on college apps and in personal statements. Showing proof of your volunteer hours builds credibility and helps colleges get to know the real you.

Volunteer Tracking Apps Save Time

Another fun fact about using paper to track volunteer hours: It’s the same system schools used 10-15 years ago. We created VolunteerCrowd based on how students manager their lives – using apps. VolunteerCrowd’s student app makes it easy for students to find, track, and verify volunteer projects – all in one place. Plus, the end goal is to create a verified, online record. Use a tracking app and create digital credentials to include as proof on all your important applications.

How to Track Hours for VolunteerCrowd Projects

  • Click ADD HOURS on your dashboard: You can also select Track from the bottom menu.
  • Find your project: VolunteerCrowd saves all of your requested projects so you can add hours quickly.
  • Confirm contact information. This is the nonprofit contact who will verify your hours. If you use our hours verification service, be sure the correct person is listed so we can confirm your hours and ask for strength and skill endorsements on your behalf!
  • Describe your project. This is the important part. Colleges want to know how you worked with others in your community to make an impact. Example: I worked with a team of volunteers at the Saddleback Food Bank to assemble 1,000 meal kits for hungry seniors.
  • See your verified hours. Students who subscribe to the *College and Career Advantage Plan will see when the organization confirms the hours. Don’t forget to check out your strength and skill endorsements under your recommendations.

How to Track Volunteer Hours for Your Own Projects

  • Click ADD HOURS on your dashboard: Whether you are tracking hours for a project you found on VolunteerCrowd or on your own, the first step is the same.
  • Select Add Project + : This appears under the word REQUESTED.
  • Add contact information: This is the person who scheduled and/or supervised you volunteer project. Accuracy is important. Make sure the information is correct if you want your hours verified. Use an email address with the nonprofit’s name in it. Example: Use instead of
  • Add the cause and project type: You can select one cause. For volunteer project type, select event, volunteer internship, virtual volunteer, campaign, or donation drive.
  • Describe your project: This appears on your transcript. Include statements about what you learned, how you worked with others to support the community, or the impact of your project.

In One Place Instead of All Over the Place

Many students use VolunteerCrowd to track and combine volunteer hours for school, club, and family community service projects. It’s a good way to stay organized and keep the details on one unified, shareable transcript. For students who want to use their service transcript to qualify for the President’s Volunteer Service Award, get strength and skill endorsements from nonprofits they serve, and create proof for their college app, VolunteerCrowd offers a verified transcript service.

VolunteerCrowd finds academic-related volunteer and shadowing opportunities to inspire students. We help them build a verified service transcript, earn digital badges and request Letters of Recommendation to impress colleges and employers. Visit VolunteerCrowd or download the app.

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