Student Volunteering as an Online Tutor

Student Online Tutor Volunteers Needed

A Need Like Never Before

According to EdWeek at of the time of this post, 46 states have closed schools, impacting 121,000 public and private schools, and 54.4 million students. We’re all challenged to teach children during the Cornavirus pandemic. Learning must take place against the backdrop of financial anxiety, parents shifting to working at home, or not being able to work at home because their job is essential to the community. Many grade school students have inadequate computers or WiFi. Fortunately there are millions of high school and college students willing to volunteer as online volunteer tutors.

Leadership is about doing the most you can with the situation that’s in front of you. High school and college students have trained most of their lives for the day when they can use what they know to make a difference. That day is here along with the chance to make sure your generation not only survives, but possibly thrives during this crisis.

From a 3rd/4th Grade Teacher…

When receiving the news about my school closing indefinitely due to the Coronavirus pandemic, my mind immediately begin to scramble. We had already been informed of the possibility of moving to distance learning, but it was all coming true so fast. We are still required to give our students grades, so I begin to ask myself thousands of questions. How can I effectively help all 50 of my third and fourth graders at one time? I need to be with them to help them through any misconceptions; how is this going to be possible? 

Online tutoring can definitely be essential to ensuring that lifelong learners do not fall behind during this time of separation. Free online tutoring is even better. I teach at a school where most students come from low income families, and they need services now more than ever. Online tutors provides an extra resource for the students who need more assistance to master certain standards.

Teachers are trying their best to ensure all students get the help they need, but distance learning is different from being able to assist a smaller group of students during class. You do not know how appreciative the learning community would be to take advantage of free online tutoring services. I know I am extremely appreciative of the different tutoring organizations making their services available free of charge already. Your help will leave an everlasting mark on lives of scholars, teachers, and parents. Thank you in advance.

Virtual Volunteer Tutoring Opportunities

High School And College Virtual Tutors


Virtual Math Tutor


Teen Math Online Volunteer Tutor


Language Tutor Student Volunteer


Social Sciences Teen Volunteer Tutors


Volunteer-Student Science Tutors


Student Virtual Volunteer Tutor – English


Volunteering as a virtual tutor is one of many ways to help others during the Covid-19 crisis. See our related post, Volunteering in the Age of Cornavirus.

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