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CTE students find incredible experience helping nonprofits.

Top Volunteer Projects for CTE Students

Career and Technical Education (CTE) students bring incredible value as highly-skilled volunteers. CTE teaches specific courses area trained for in-demand jobs after high school or college. Nonprofits offer technical internships. Like for-profit businesses, charities need talented and knowledgable workers. Similarly, high school and college students can apply what they learn while studying career pathways. Students fulfill a deep resource shortage while building their resumes. It’s no doubt that nonprofit organizations are fortunate to have CTE students who are eager to solve real-world problems.

VolunteerCrowd provides a variety of volunteer opportunities. In fact, there are several cause areas that align with high-demand CTE careers. Learn more about what the variety of career fields students may pursue within each area.

Career and Technical Education Volunteer Opportunities

There are thousands of community service opportunities for CTE students – like STEM, health, and education internships. But that’s only the beginning. See how nonprofit projects relate to career pathways. Then, take a peek at some suggested projects.

  • Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources
    • Serve at food banks, glean community gardens, and maintain regional parks.
  • Arts, Audio-Visual Technology, and Communications
    • Create videos promoting nonprofit missions, run sound and visuals for community events.
  • Business, Management, and Administration
    • Work in a nonprofit office, create communications, and manage databases.
  • Education and Training
    • Tutor underserved students or work in classrooms.
  • Health Science
    • Intern in a hospital, clinic, or animal rescue.
  • Human Services
    • Volunteer for nonprofits helping the homeless.
  • Information Technology
    • Update websites, write code, or perform analytics.
  • Marketing, Sales, and Service
    • Create social media, or communications for donor campaigns.
  • STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math)
    • Tutor students in robotics or teach seniors to code.

Did you know there are seven other CTE career areas? Learn more about CTE education and what it has to offer its students.  Interested in what projects VolunteerCrowd has related to your career pathway? Take a look below at volunteer projects that offer excellent experience for CTE students! Or, search VolunteerCrowd directly.

Behind the Scenes Volunteer – Graphic Design, Translator, Administration

Are you an above visual communicator – in multiple languages? The Behind the Scenes Volunteer has many different ways to get involved. Got design talent? Make flyers, signs, and graphics. Are you fluent in Spanish? Translate phone calls for this organization. Fluent in another language? You can help out, too. Looking to volunteer in an administration role? They have some work for you as well. CTE Business, Management, and Administration and Marketing, Sales, and Service students gain meaningful insight on running a nonprofit organization.

Development & Donor Relations Volunteer (16+)

How important do you think relationships with donors are to organizations? Development and Donor Relations Volunteers assist staff with ensuring all donors receive personalized thanks from the organization. In fact, you will make thank-you calls and help with the logistics of mailing off thank-you letters. You will also have the chance to help with different special events. This is the perfect project for high school students enrolled in IB Business & Management and CTE Marketing, Sales, and Service.

Virtual STEM Volunteer Mentor (16+)

You never really master a skill until you teach it. Now is your chance! Virtual STEM Volunteer Mentors will meet with students weekly to become role models. Therefore, mentors will help children navigate online learning and reinforce good digital learning routines. They will also help with homework. Are you wanting to start a career in education? This is the perfect way for you to get involved. Do you love STEM? Help students reach their goals in STEM today. Essentially, CTE STEM students can gain amazing leadership qualities to enhance their tech skills.

Medical Assistants (MA) Virtual Shadowing

Shadowing is so hard to find during a pandemic, right? Look no further. Shadowing virtually is here! Virtual shadowing for Medical Assistants allows students to hear directly from health professionals. During presentations, you will learn why these professionals chose health as well as their personal education journey. You will also discover general knowledge about the field, a day on the job, and so much more. Get your questions ready because you will also have a chance to ask them. After that, take an assessment at the end of the presentation to receive virtual shadowing hours! Pre-med and pre-health students do NOT want to miss out on this amazing opportunity. Similarly, high school CTE Health Science students can get a glimpse of what this career field is all about.

College Student Nonprofit Assistance Volunteer

Are you interested in starting a nonprofit organization? College student nonprofit assistance volunteers gain knowledge on the logistics of running this type of organization. You can learn tasks such as fundraising, grant writing, reporting, community outreach, and volunteer management. In other words, get exposed to the different aspects of how to efficiently run a nonprofit organization. Most certainly, students on a Business, Management, and Administration path can add a major accomplishment to their resumes.

Student (18+) Social Media Marketing Support Volunteer

Experienced in social media and studying a marketing career pathway? This organization needs your help in supporting their social media marketing needs. Therefore, the social media platforms you should be familiar with are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Linktree, and Hootsuite. This project is perfect for you if you have experience managing and growing social media accounts as well as strong writing skills.

Student Volunteer STEAM Marketing Guru

Are you a natural leader that loves social media and marketing? A new, female-founded nonprofit needs a like-minded peer as a Director of Marketing volunteer intern. Use prior knowledge or learn how to build a team of high school students to conduct STEAM workshops and reach out to the community to inform them about the organization and its opportunities. Not to mention you can also curate social media posts to increase engagement. CTE Marketing and Business students can gain experience worthy of adding to a resume.

Food Distribution Volunteer – Great for CTE Students

Hunger is a bigger problem now more than ever because of the pandemic. Take a bite out of food insecurity by sorting, packing, and distributing food as a food distribution volunteer. Learning how to feed large communities will help you understand food supply and demand. Most importantly, join other community members to put smiles on the faces of those in need. CTE students who are interested in culinary arts can gain knowledge on proper food handling and more.

Looking for more careers inspiration?

Student volunteers have a true impact in the community. Above all, they make compelling college applicants. Eager for more career inspiration? See our related posts like Best STEM Volunteer Projects for Students and Best College Student Volunteer Internships. See how colleges and employers value community service with How Many Volunteer Hours Do Students Need?  You can also learn how fellow high school Student Volunteer and Social Entrepreneur, Nitin, uses his STEM and teaching skills inspire future STEM professionals.

As usual, VolunteerCrowd reminds you to prioritize your health and safety when volunteering with our Volunteer Safety Tips for COVID-19 and Always.

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