Digital Volunteer and Shadowing Transcript

A Certified Volunteer Transcript: Showcase Your Experience and Skills

Highlighting your volunteer experience can be an important step on your path to college and a successful career.  Yet, what is the best way to showcase your experience and skills? With a VolunteerCrowd verified service transcript!

Without corroboration or verification, many organizations may not recognize the hard work you’ve put into volunteering or job shadowing.  VolunteerCrowd’s new digital and shareable transcripts also showcase your volunteer contributions and shadow experience while proving that your hours have been verified. 

Benefits of Obtaining a Volunteer Transcript 

A volunteer transcript will give you many benefits and advantages as you move toward a college and/or career track. Here are some of the gains you can expect:

  • Provide credibility with VolunteerCrowd’s verified service transcript
  • Highlight skills and experience obtained through volunteering
  • Strengthen your college applications 
  • Earn CTE or college credits
  • Boost your resume for future paid internships, part time jobs, or full-time employment
  • Highlight your volunteer experience in your LinkedIn profile under ‘Certificates and Licenses’ 
  • Earn the Presidential Volunteer Service Award
  • Support applications for Community Service Scholarships
  • Add your official transcript link on the The Common and Coalition apps

VolunteerCrowd puts everything in one place, so you can easily showcase your volunteer hours in one, easy-to-read, attractive format. 

Features of the VolunteerCrowd Service Transcript

Our digital transcript makes it easy for organizations to get an overview of your volunteer experience. After using our volunteer tracking features for several months to a year, we’ll create a transcript that puts all of your experiences in one place.

Using an attractive bar graph, the transcript shows hours spent volunteering, organized by cause. Cause areas such as STEM, health, environment, education, or hunger. Alongside the bar graph is a list of your top organizations supported or where you shadowed.

The next section highlights awards and digital badges. Awards such as the Presidential Volunteer Service Award or VolunteerCrowd milestone awards and digital badges.

Looking to apply for your Presidential Volunteer Service Award? VolunteerCrowd is a certifying organization

Organizations and colleges can also see the skills you’ve gained through your work. Volunteer coordinators endorse skills such as teamwork, positive attitude, problem-solving, leadership, and more. This can help you prove that you possess the soft skills and character to become a valuable student or employee. These details also show how you use what you learn to make a positive impact in the community.  

Finally, the transcript finishes off with a timeline that shows your commitment over time. Additionally, stats such as how many organizations you’ve worked with, average hours per week, total volunteer hours, and other specifics are included on the transcript. 

More than Volunteering: Highlight Your Shadowing and Internship Experience

Like volunteering, job shadowing and unpaid internships provide students with valuable experiences that helps them develop their skills. VolunteerCrowd includes job shadowing and internship experience on the volunteer transcript. This helps showcase your experience in a professional format. 

For example, many pre-med students need to complete shadowing in the healthcare industry. Other students choose to job shadow or complete internships to test out careers. Yet, if you track and verify these experiences, you can leverage them for college and job applications as well! 

In addition to our transcript, we also provide digital badges that emphasize your volunteer, shadowing, or internship experiences in the related cause area. Earning a badge signals a commitment to the field, as well as highlights your growing knowledge in the area. Post it to your LinkedIn profile or add it to your applications. 

Keep the Details on One Unified, Shareable Digital Transcript

Open the doors to your future with VolunteerCrowd! Our easy volunteer tracking and verification system provides you with a meaningful volunteer transcript that corroborates your work. Students use their service transcript to qualify for the President’s Volunteer Service Award, get strength and skill endorsements from nonprofits they serve, and create proof for their college app. Sign up for VolunteerCrowd today! 

VolunteerCrowd finds academic-related volunteer and shadowing opportunities to inspire students. We help them build a verified service transcript, earn digital badges and request Letters of Recommendation to impress colleges and employers. Visit VolunteerCrowd or download the app.

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